About Me 

I am a fourth year doctoral student in Marketing at the University of Florida. 

My research goals are to understand how firms and consumers make their decisions in uncertain environments, develop analytical models to establish theories of how firms employ pricing strategies for communication with consumers and competitive responses, and test these theories. My job market paper shows that bundling can be used as a new signaling tool to increase the profitability of add-ons: Bundling can signal that the add-on has broad-appeal. In a second project with Debanjan Mitra and Joseph Johnson, using the American Customer Satisfaction Index and the Index of Consumer Expectations, we study the dynamic effects of consumers' economic outlook on future satisfaction.

Prior to entering the PhD program, I studied Mathematics and Management Science at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. In addition, I love playing the piano and swimming.

Curriculum Vitae



Shugan SM, Moon J, Shi Q, Kumar N (2016) "Product Line Bundling: Why Airlines Bundle High-End while Hotels Bundle Low-End," Marketing Science, forthcoming. (PDF) (Supplementary)

Jun DB, Moon J, Park S (2016) “Temporal Disaggregation: Methods, Information Loss, and Diagnostics,” (Master Thesis)
Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, 34(1):53−61. (PDF) (Supplementary)

Dissertation: "Pricing as Communication and Strategic Responses"

Essay 1 (Job Market Paper)

"Bundling Add-ons to Signal Product Types"  (PDF)

Essay 2 
"Timing the Response to Environmental Shocks" (PDF)

Working Papers

Jihwan Moon and Steven M. Shugan
"When Private and Public Firms Compete on Targeting, Advertising, Quality, and Pricing: Theory and Evidence" (PDF)

Jihwan Moon, Debanjan Mitra, and Joseph Johnson
"Satisfaction and the Economy: Does Consumers’ Economic Outlook Influence Their Satisfaction with Offerings?" (PDF)

Contact Information

Email: jihwan dot moon at warrington dot ufl dot edu

Address: 1454 Union Road, Warrington College of Business, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611-7155